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Surprises || Drabble

Mason felt ill. Well, ill was an understatement. The last few days for her had consisted of constant vomiting and nausea, along with some odd cramping. Normally she would dismiss this as a sign it was time for her period, however it was no where near time. The first solution that popped into her head was to go to the doctor, however she didn’t want to run the chance of having drugs found in her system. So she googled.

As she googled, her symptoms pointed to two different possibilities. According to the internet it was either stomach cancer or…pregnancy. God she hoped it was the cancer. She sighed heavily and shut her laptop, then got her keys and pulled on her shoes. It was time for a trip to the local drug store.

She arrived and made her way down the feminine hygiene aisle before arriving at the pregnancy tests. She grimaced and picked up two of them, seeing as they tended to be unreliable the first go around. She checked out and made her way back home. Mason was sick to her stomach again, but this time it was all nerves.

After a while she managed to take both of the tests, leaving them on the bathroom counter so they could do their magic. After the allotted time the boxes have her was over, she took a deep breath and checked the both of them.

Mason’s breath caught in her throat and her stomach lurched. Positive. They were both positive. Mason was pregnant. She felt the tears gather in her eyes. ‘How the hell is he going to take this?’ She asked herself.

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